How To Deal With A**holes

Without Becoming One Yourself


The latest book by the incomparable Mark Goodin!

There is nothing worse than an asshole.

You know why?


Because, of all the bad things that can happen to you in the world,


Only an asshole does it on purpose.


So what do you do when you run up against an asshole?

You know he or she is going to rip you a new one—somehow.

They're going to take your parking space, or have their music so loud it gives you an ultrasound of your colon.

You just wanna get violent and smash their windshield or slap their head.

Which is pretty much an asshole thing to do in itself.

And that’s the big question:

How do you deal with assholes without becoming one yourself?


 You are in luck. I have for you the world premier of my latest book:

How To Deal With Assholes without Becoming One Yourself.


A pithy tome. A voluminous vial of knowledge.

This little butthole bible contains the answer to all your problems!

     For only $5 you can have your very own copy, signed by yours truly, to help guide you through the asshole-infested waters of life.

     For a mere $5 you will hold within your very hands the knowledge, the wisdom, the sarcasm of the agedbound within these red covers.


So buy it already.

And buy another for an asshole you love!